The fast growth of the Internet and its business related activitiies bring an immense amount of legal issues not always defined in the law.

By studying and keeping track of the most recent developments and legal issues in this new area of law, the firm is prepared to advise and assist clients with domain names and e-commerce issues.

The following services are provided, among others:

    • Domain name registration, maintenance, cancellations, negotiations and transfers
    • Recovery of domain names registered in Brazil in conflict with trademarks
    • Domain names searches in country extensions all over the world
    • Domain names disputes at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
    • Web page development agreements
    • Dealing with unfair competition issues on the Web
    • Counseling, consulting, licensing and litigation
    If you want to receive information in regard to intellectual property, patents, trademarks, transfer of technology, licensing patents and/or trademark registrations, copyrights, franchise, litigation, please, contact me

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